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machine gun kitty

Oh helllllsssss no!

Possible new airport scanner that will let security see what is under your clothes: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/34764237#34764237


US had already made other countries install them.. glad to see it's an even playing field with america installing them too if they are going to go in and make others install em.
I've been told, by a pilot friend who's gone through one, that it creates a "diagnostic image", that looks much like you have had an x-ray. Plastics and metals stand out, but it's not a "picture picture", like you'd take with a normal camera.

What the hell?

Will the said scanner have any harmful or detrimental effects on the human body if it's scanning it?

I heard it's just like an Xray as well. Xrays aren't going to show naughty bits in any exiting detail. I suspect the folks with joint replacments and pin/plates for injury repair would prefer this to always having to be pulled aside, taking up more time, for more 'wanding'. If it's going to get me on way way quicker that what's happening now, and detect more bombers, I don't think its a bad thing. I too however wonder what the radiation risk is to us.
If this thing doesn't show your naughty bits then why did the show have to blur out his naughty bits?
you see 'outlines', and perhaps it was deemed inappropriate by someone, but it's not like you would see as if you just took clothes off.
Because television prepared for America is uptight. Lord knows some overprotective parent would raise the roof if non-visible naughty bits weren't fuzzed out so their kids (who have them) won't see them! Yikes!
The images I'm seeing look like this:

So, kinda Total Recall-like, indeed. I've heard some that if you 'invert' the color of the image, you get a naked looking pic, but that seems to be disputed (some folks claiming it works, other's claiming not).

Also of point, this is a scanner. It doesn't seem to save or archive the images, it just shows them like a tv screen. I guess if someone wanted to take a pic of that and try to send it off, they could, but I'd wager that the guards who are in charge of watching these things will be watched closely.

Can you just imagine the pr disaster if it got out that someone was leaking pics of airport scans?
I definitely think that someone will leak scans of celebrities. This is not a scan that I feel is appropriate and I would feel violated of my privacy.

Oh helllllsssss no!

The fact of the matter is that the imaging scanner displays an outline without fine detail of bodily parts. Its like a sketch or washed out anime figure of Sailor Moon. OMG booby outlines but no nipples!!!

Hey wait, that's what my $60 Victoria Secret bra already does...

There's nothing perverted about the imagers and the number of people getting tweaked about is depressing. If guards want naughty pics of us, they'd just put cameras in the bathroom like regular perverts do. Seriously these aren't the big deal some groups are making them out to be, America, grow up already. We can have secure travel or private travel, PLEASE pick one.

Re: Oh helllllsssss no!


Re: Oh helllllsssss no!

Exactly. Heck, you can get clearer images of what someone looks like naked with a "properly" filtered night vision camera / video. And anyone with an understanding of Filters has known this for decades.

I'd much rather have the simple scans and reduce the pain in the arse lines and "random inspections" when traveling.

We have had the tech for this for over a decade. Its about time it was implemented.

Who cares if someone sees me that way. It isent like I am impressive naked or fuzzied anyways. Its not like they are gonna be masturbating in the bathroom with MY image in their heads.

I feel WAY more violated when I go to court and am found guilty simply on the word of a cop, and no evidence.

I get violated every time I pass through a scale house. Cause they scan my truck for heat, drugs, explosives, weight, and Lord knows what else. I gut pulled in yesterday for a "routine" check. Really, I was pulled in cause my company just got bought out, and he was hoping my papers were not in order. Thankfully, I got them all together and correct a few days before this. So he could not find anything wrong and sent me on my way.

An airport is supposed to have this kind of security. If one does not like it, or cant handle it, there is always the bus, or you can drive, or you can get on a boat. Though dont bet on these scanners finding their ways to boarder crossings and such anyways.

Look now at all the video cameras and such that are already out there on street corners, and mounted to the sides of buildings and such. We are all being watched now a days anyways. Time to get used to it, or move to places like North Dakota where these things havent gotten to yet.