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socks and cat


My favorite show Celebirty Rehab premiered a new season last night. Dennis Rodman is the first celebrity in history to be in rehab (on the show anyway) involuntarily. The courts gave him a choice between jail or treatment. In spite of two DUI's and the court sentence, he refuses to admit he has a problem. He's somewhat hostile and refuses to participate or answer questions. It's questionable if he will ever really allow treatment or if he'll just end up being kicked out and going to jail.

Heidi Fleiss is also on the show. She seems to be getting treatment more out of loneliness than anything else. She is a meth addict living all alone in a big house in an isolated area. Her only company is about 20 exotic birds that she inherited from another madame that died. She is not the first person I've seen entering rehab because of the loneliness and isolation that sometimes accompanies addiction.

MacKenzie Phillips is also on the show, but already had 8 months of sobriety when she entered (she says she is there to strengthen her sobriety). The show was filmed before she released her book in which she admitted she had a long-term incestuous relationship with her famous father, musician John Philips. She did admit the incest to Dr. Drew but would only do so off camera.

There are other celebrities as well but these are the ones that stand out to me the most. As usual, I will be absolutely riveted to the show. I only regret that in past seasons, the show seems to be focusing as much on the process of recovery as the drama between the drug addicts themselves and the trouble they often create for the staff (some of them are really hard on the staff). But I suppose it's ridiculous to wish people could just enter rehab and peacefully work on a lifetime of trauma and painful issues without taking it out on each other and the people who are trying to help them.


Part of the recovery process is Powerlessness and Unmanageability-that is the first step-What is included in that is chaos seeking behavior and drama- I learned that in my first step. :)

That is why you see a lot of drama queens on that show, their lives are so unmanageable at this stage of addiction that they haven't really processed or are beginning to process the concepts of recovery and what it means to be clean and sober one day at a time.

So what you are seeing is real life recovery as it unfolds-the recovery process really is the melodramatic for some people. For me, I fought it tooth and nail until this very last year. My life was one chaotic mess and nightmare after the other.

I pretty much existed in a state of chaos for an entire year and it was hands down the worst year of my life, hopefully the last bottom I ever have to hit.

So as an addict in recovery, I can relate to these people all too well, I see this all too often in the women I sponsor and in meetings all around me every day... Thank Goddess it isn't my way of life anymore, that I get to watch others from a distance go through this stuff.

So yep, this is the real deal.