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socks and cat

Love her curves

Some one made comment in my LJ last month saying that Lady Ga Ga does not have an attractive body. I beg to differ...


Now that's just hot! :D
i think the comment was in regards to the altering done to her body to make her look underweight for one of the "scenes" in her video. (i remember thinking something similar, how nice her figure was, and how malnourished it looked in some shots)

i like the fact that she looks strong and healthy. she's my new favorite guilty pleasure ;)
That first pic is very photoshoped.
Looking at that first one compared to the second, I can see the difference now. But having seen her figure in award show performances, I believe I love the unphotoshopped version as well.
Too skinny for my liking. I prefer Selma Hayek's body type - bigger hips. Lady Gaga's body isn't that attractive to me. (Plus her music is terrible.)
Yup. I like it. Right up my alley for proportion and style.