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socks and cat

Please talk me out of this...

OMG!!!! $300 on Etsy, marked down from $400 because it has been worn in runway shows. Please tell me not to buy it! Please tell me I have bills and expenses and am expanding my studio and need to invest in that and not something I would wear maybe two or three times in my life. Please stop me please please please!


You are full of win!!
This... and you don't want to look like you have a huge keyhole shaped belly button.
DON'T buy it!

It covers your incredible abs. Heck, regular northern clothing covers your incredible abs, best you move to south Florida and only wear half shirts.
I'm agreeing with them - why would you cover up the abs you've worked years to perfect? Also, in a year or three, the steampunk thing will be history and all the goths will be like OMFG why did I buy all that BROWN shit I can't even sell it on eBay now!!!
It's nifty but I wouldn't even begin to assume that it would fit you. It appears to be laced as tight as it will go on the model in the picture and she looks like she might be a bit bigger than you.
I have a friend who received this for xmas....it is the awesome.