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Kitten dancing in a cage2

might have to return to go-go dancing if it is true

Is there a dancing cage at club Vogue now? And why the hell did no one tell me!? Dancing in a cage is only my favorite activity on the planet ever! Hello! That's why my name is Cage Kitten!!


It is for Quinn's use only. They had it made for her and she does not share apparently. After last night's snaffu . . . I told them they should have one made for you and fire Quinn.
The go-go stage was also made for Q only, and I still used it. I have a deal with the management to go-go dance there. Part of the deal is that Q gets first pick of the songs and I only get to dance if she's not choosing that song to dance to. So unless they've changed their mind and decided not to use me as a dancer anymore, the cage will not be off limits to me unless Q is actually in it at the time.