Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

SM radio addict!

Home safe! And I have a new addiction. Both the car I rented in Fresno and in Los Angeles had Sirius/XM radio. This stuff is crack for the ADD addled brain!! And it might just be the first time in my life that radio has left me pleased and satisfied. FM radio doesn't really play what I like. So I got the netbook to play internet radio in the bedroom but the music seems limited. On XM radio I get not just a few selections of the kind of music I like but decades and unlimited amounts of it. And my ADD is finally satisfied by being able to switch around to different types of radio constantly.

I am so addicted to this that if I didn't have a job or business to pay for it I would be turning tricks on the street corner to fund it. Yes...THAT addicted! Sadly I will have to wait until I can sell my brand new Zune. But once I do, I'll purchase an iPod touch because it has an ap that lets you play XM radio on your iPod. Then I can plug the iPod into my car stereo or studio receiver and play it in the car or when I practice my pole dancing. Maybe even during class if I can find the right station. I have been wishing for something like this for a long time!!

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