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lesbian wedding

thrifty wedding

The Burbank airport is so small that there are no tables to eat at, so I took my meal into the bar to eat. The bartender was talking about her upcoming wedding and some one asked her where it would be. She said in a friend's back year. She said she would rather have the money to spend on clothes and shoes than blow on a fancy location for her wedding. I'm so down with that that I wanted to high five the woman.

Then she told us about how for gifts they are registered at only one place: a travel agency. So the only gift they want is a donation to the agency that their honeymoon is booked through (to help pay for the honeymoon). I would much rather make a donaion as a gift than have to drive to some department store to buy something a couple is registered for and wrap it and try to remember to take it with me to the reception.

I love how sensible this woman is. She also bartends at a country club where people spend $20 to $30k for their weddings and receptions when they can't even afford it. To me it makes a lot more sense to get married in a park or back yard and use the $20k instead toward a down payment on a home. I would still have the costume ball wedding I was inspired to do when I read about one in a magazine when I was 13 years old. But that can be done without spending ten to twenty grand. And it's the person you marry that matters, not the size or expense of the wedding.


lol. Sounds like my kind of way to go too!! I would want my wedding gifts to also be travel related. But that's just me ;) hehe.

I would rather spend the money on the honeymoon and the photographer, and go low budget on the reception and ceremony ;)

you can do it low cost but have it still be a fun event :)
Small airport. When I was in Derry, the airport only had two gates and nothing else.

Count me as another person who doesn't see the need to spend so much on a wedding. When I got married, the ceremony was held for free on the shore of a local lake, and then the reception was held at a local restaurant and the guests all put in for the food as a wedding gift.
I remember the Burbank airport from 15 years ago. The baggage claim was a pickup that pulled up to the parking lot.
They have advanced just a bit since then. But only a little.
I can respect that. We tried to keep ours cheap, and it would've been much cheaper had my parents not been as generous as they were (we were very lucky!). Ours was at a state park, which is super-inexpensive. My reception dress cost about $30, and my wedding dress was less than $200 (that includes the alterations).

I like the whole inexpensive-but-still-classy wedding/reception. My sister did the large and traditional one and that really suited her and Derek. Andrew and I needed something a bit less formal. :)
I never thought much about getting married, so I never thought about what kind of wedding I wanted. I would much rather spend the 40K we are spending on our wedding on traveling around the world...but something most people dont realise is...its not always about what the bride wants. As soon as you say your are engaged everyone else, exspecially afmily want to share their exspectations. And while at forst I was resentful...I am totally in love with planning my wedding and am totaly into be a big white wedding dress bride.

That being said, we and our families are finacially blessed at this time and we already owe a home and 3 nice cars. If we didn't have a house...maybe I would cringe about spending so much on a wedding....and while it is ONLY one day, I know it will be the only wedding I have and the only time in my life I can embrase "wedding culture".
Totally! And this is why we got married in my yard and spent 5k on remodeling our garage and doing yard work instead of giving that to random strangers.

For our registry I thought about doing the travel thing but what we really wanted was new dishes and flatware whih was going to cost around $500. We registered for tons of stuff and returned nearly all of it to get what we wanted since only one person actually bought us some of the plates from the dish set. We are so beyond happy to have really nice dishes and flatware finally.