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socks and cat

Vampire novel I got for the flight was not what I was looking for

I finished "Zen and the Art of Vampires" and was disappointed on a few levels. Mostly because it was a cliff hanger ending and you have to read "Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang" to know how it turns out. Thanks a lot. I don't know if I'll have time to hit a book store before my flight tomorrow or if they will even have this book.

Mostly I was disappointed because it was not in fact a vampire romance. It was a super natural mystery/action/thriller with two bouts of hot sex with one vampire and really awkward sex with another. While two vampires seducing this woman is probably supposed to be enticing, I really don't find a woman engaging in casual sex with men (or undead men as the case may be) she doesn't know to be something I want to read about. I am surrounded in real life by a sub-culture that regularly endorses casual sex, apparently sometimes with people they hardly know. Heck, I'm pretty sure that this is the standard in normal people's culture as well. So much so that I feel like a freak (and am sometimes regarded as one) because I don't engage in any sort of casual sex.

So if I pick up a romance novel it is with the intention of escaping the everyone-sleeps-with-everyone real world I don't fit into and wanting to read about the dream life where people fall in love and have sex only after realizing they want to be together for the rest of their natural (or unnatural, as the case may be with Vampires) lives. I feel very cheated having picked up what I thought was a romance novel and being treated instead to a story about a woman who can't keep her dress on just because a naked vampire shows up un-invited in her hotel room. He didn't even bother to wine and dine her first. Just showed up naked, spouting his devotion. Really? I mean, REALLY? No thank you.



her vampires are very bad ass fighter vamps. it's a series. :)
The titles of those books are enough to make me cringe!
I have a suggestion if you're looking for vampire romance "where people fall in love and have sex only after realizing they want to be together for the rest of their natural (or unnatural, as the case may be with Vampires) lives"

The Argeneau series by Lynsay Sands; there are lots of these, it's always one guy, one girl, destined to be together kind of things.

01 - A Quick Bite
02 - Love Bites
03 - Single White Vampire
04 - Tall, Dark and Hungry
05 - A Bite to Remember
06 - Bite Me if You Can
07 - The Accidental Vampire
08 - Vampires are Forever
09 - Vampire, Interrupted

There's also the next part of the series, focusing more on the vampire enforcers: the Rogue Hunter series

Rogue Hunter Series
1 - The Rogue Hunter
2 - The Immortal Hunter
3 - The Renegade Hunter

They don't really have to be read in order, they're pretty down to earth, too, it's not 'really' supernatural vampires...there's an explanation, but if I tell you it, it'll spoil the surprise. Suffice to say they're souped up humans who crave blood.

They don't really have to be read in order either, but you might not know what's going on with the minor characters if you don't.

Just my $.02!!
Thank you. I don't think I'll need any more brain candy books until I'm stuck on a flight or train again. But I might just order one of these online now so I'll have it handy for the next trip.
Unfortunately, that's pretty typical for standard "romance" novels, no matter the genre.

If you LIKE normal mystery/romance novels without a lot of casual sex, look into Jude Devereaux. There's really good character development, lots of sexual chemistry, but no doing of the deed until it becomes evident that said characters have come to the realization that they've found their "other half". And she's great at coming up with the mysteries that bring the characters together and help them discover things about themselves they had no idea they didn't know.

But if you're looking for just straight romance, I can't help you. Most of the ones I read when I was younger were pretty meh, mostly because it was nothing but sex. I like a little substance to my fluff, as it were.
lets hear it victorian romantic sensabillity! whoo!
Yes please!
This is actually one of the reasons I feel out of the scene. I just can't do casual sex. I need to feel an emotional attraction/connection. I want a friendship first and foremost. I tried the casual sex thing and it left me feeling empty and depressed.

I'll make sure not to buy this book anytime soon (ever).
I wouldn't have you be any other way.