Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Tax accountant referral please

I'm firing my accountant because he made a mistake on my taxes last year. I did have H&R Block double check it and they did not catch the mistake either, so I won't use them. How did no one catch a mistake that caused me to get a $4,000 refund I was not entitled to!? Don't worry, I never cashed or deposited it.

Please refer me if you have an accountant you trust. The main requirement is some one who doesn't mind getting a phone call from me every other month or every three months or so asking, "Is this tax deductible?" or "How do I make this or that a tax deduction?" So they should be a small self-employed or small business type who is personable and doesn't mind the occasional call and question even though I only pay them to do my taxes once per year.

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