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blade lick

Not a terrorist, just a heavily armed at all times kinda girl

NOTE TO SELF: Remove all weapons from your purse before going to airport!


*nods* they get grumpy about those.

Hope your trip went ok after getting off to an (unusually) exciting start.
Been there, done that.

Forgot I'd taken the backpack camping and left the knife in one of the side pouches. To their credit, TSA was very curteous and reasonable about the whole thing.
Yep yep, I triple check myself and my carry on's, minimum. I have been stopped more than once for weapons that I forgot/missed.

Don't care bout checked bags, they ALWAYS have weps. And they always get opened and inspected at some point because of it. Is why I use TSA locks on all my luggage now.

Seattle sucks for this kind of thing. One of my friends got arrested one time because she forgot to take out a 3 inch blade. Double edged weps can really land you in hot water.

Was really fun when I checked my pistol. They never looked in the gun case, but thet felt the need to search my underwear...