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socks and cat

$409 per month

Well, merry X-mas to me from Lifewise Health Plan of Washington. I just got a letter in the mail letting me know as of January 1st my health insurance monthly premiums have been raised to $409 per month. They claim this is due largely in part to the aging population that requires more prescription coverage and the government now requiring all health insurance companies to raise the maximum amount they will cover for organ transplants.

I have asked my insurance broker to shop for a new plan for me. But the problem is that the plan I have now is so good (no annual deductible, just $30 per doctor visit) that they discontinued it. Those of us already on the plan get to keep it. But if I leave the plan, I can never get it back if I change my mind. So this is my only chance to have any kind of zero deductible plan.

I love having my own business. But I sure do envy people who have their monthly premiums paid for or at least partly paid for by their employers.


Standard insurance advice to get a bigger deductible to save money.
My broker is shopping around for me but I doubt I'll go past $3k deductible. I have some procedures that I have been meaning to have done but never get to it. So I always assume I'm going to pay my entire deductible and then some. I can hardly breathe through my nose, so at some point I'm going to need surgery to get that fixed. And my disability has a chance of being properly diagnosed and treated with a specialized brain scan that is about $3,500.

So I can switch to a high deductible plan. But at some point I'm going to have to pay the entire deductible and then some. So it doesn't make much sense to go too high.
That's where I'm at - I need a lower deductible once I finally buy insurance, because I'm thinking I need carpal tunnel surgery and possibly knee surgery, too. Sigh
In Massachusetts, yeah that state that that wonderful senator by the name of Kennedy lived in, my parents who had their own business and are now retired due to my father being disabled pay $200-$300 more a month for health insurance than they receive from Social Security because my mother won't be 65 until August. And we're supposed to going along with this mess of a "government run healthcare" that that idiot Kennedy was pushing for? Like you, my parents worked their tails off and never minded paying the $1500+ a month for health insurance, but, now that they are retired and on a fixed income it blows. We definitely need some type of health care reform in this country, but, they've got to take care of ALL of the people and not just the out of work, welfare abusers.

(sorry, rant over, I'm a bit passionate about this subject)
It sucks, but EVERYONE'S premiums are going up next year (mine are but only because I was a smoker and haven't been a nonsmoker for the required one year). :\