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What other items can I combine with these for my next Steampunk costume?

So forget the leather corset I posted a few days ago in this post. I found a better steampunk corset on sale on etsy.com last night and ordered it. Here it is:

Do you think I could make a convincing saloon girl steampunk costume by wearing it over the new dress? Here's the dress again below, I can wear it without the rhinestone top under it. How would the corset look with this (minus the striped gloves and top hat)?:

Should I get one of these ruffly cabaret style shrugs to go with it?:

Shrug or no shrug? And please suggest some other items I can use to combine with these to make a steampunk saloon girl.



Definitely go with the shrug. It would serve as a massive force multiplier to your sexiness, IMHO.
LOL! Or with all the feathers and ruffles I might end up looking like a giant decorated steampunk chicken!
Are you kidding? There isn't a mathematically possible way to define how good you'd look in that. If you're going for saloon girl, ruffles are the way to go. Be flamboyant!
the shrug is awesome and it seems ruffles are a staple part of saloon girl outfits. The skirt you suggest works. Need something better for the top.
Vader is the purrrrfect accessory.
LOVE the shrug! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!