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socks and cat


Check out this leather corset from Etsy.com

Is it steampunk even though it's leather?

Is it steampunk?



*especially* since it's leather. If utilikilts still sold their leather kilt, I'd get it for my 'punk costume (already have leather helmet, boots, and am looking for a vest with a rear half...tweed on the front.
I voted, no to it being steam punk, but not because it is leather. For me, the pattern, while gorgeous, doesn't make me think of steam punk, nor does the coloring. That said it does have a certain Victorian feel to it, so maybe in the right ensemble...
qualify: it *could* be a good part of a steampunk outfit. Not sure if it's really steampunk on it's own but it's vaguely neo-victorian so it would totally work.

Good for you for noticing that victorian corsets were not leather. Leather is totally allowed for all kinds of stuff in steampunk as a substitute for other modern materials though so I don't think anyone will complain.
And if you get it I am going to rob you in the night.
And I will rob you back for your boots, you know the ones I covet!
They would go great together!

BTW, it is a non-smoking night at the mercury. Medical themed.
It's not medical themed, it's gas mask formal themed. I bought a formal dress for it and everything. Here are the details for tonight:

Formal, fetish, military, steampunk, neo-Victorian, medical, goth, industrial, post-apocalyptic, whatever. Just Dress to Impress and wear your gas mask!

Jonwa will be with me. Hope to see you there!!
Considering what I have been through this week and all of the emo and physical pain I am in, I should not drive. I am in the process of trying to find a ride. Not sure I have anything to wear, but I don't care. My hair looks like crap too.
Understandable. I hope you find some one to drive. But I understand if you want to sit this one out.