Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

want want want want

So after working non-stop for 2 weeks with no day off I decided to treat myself to a trip to South Center Mall today. You would not believe the number of steampunk clothes and steampunk jewelry they have at Forever 21. And Sketchers has steampunk boots now, but they were out of my size. :(

I bought a few accessories and then wondered into Bebe by mistake (I don't normally shop at expensive stores like that, I prefer bargains). There I fell in love with a cocktail dress with a feather skirt:

The picture doesn't do this dress justice. It's a sheer corset style on top (with fabric panel to cover the bust) and a sparkly waist line and a short feather skirt. It would look amazing layered over a longer skirt for a ball. I could also make it saloon girl style steampunk costume. In spite of it being outrageously expensive, I decided the impulse purchase was just what I needed. But they only had an XXS and it was TOO small. They have an XS (only one X) at the Bebe downtown but it's already on hold for some one else. But only until 4pm on Monday.

I think I may show up at Bebe at 3:30 tomorrow to try it on. If she doesn't show by 4pm I'm buying it at 4:01pm exactly. I'll bet she has a 9 to 5 job and thinks it will still be there an hour after her hold is up. Or if the XS is still too small, I can order a small online. Or maybe the impulse will wear off by the time I wake up tomorrow and I'll realize it's too much money for a dress I'll probably wear only two or three times. But it would save me the trouble of having to put together a second steampunk costume for con next year. I can just go all saloon girl style with a feather bustle and a long underskirt layered underneath.

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