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socks and cat

Yes, I really did this *head*desk*

In a moment of pure genius I ordered MS Office 7 on CD's even though my new netbook has *NO* CD drive. My regular laptop that does have a CD/DVR drive also has a back-up hard drive that plugs in via USB. Can I upload the program onto my back-up hard drive from the lap top and then plug my back-up hard drive into my netbook to run the installation?



You'll need to put the CD into an ISO format (basically a disc image)

(currently working on digging up a program/tutorial on how to do so)

This can be transferred to your Netbook via your usb hard drive

Then, use a program like daemon tools lite to access the disc image
and install it as you would normally.
check out imgburn for a program to rip an ISO.

This sounds terribly complicated. I think I'll just see if anyone can loan me an external DVD drive that plugs in via USB.
*shrugs* it's really not that bad.

It should take you less than an hour to install and run, tops.

All the software I pointed you towards is free, and pretty easy to use.

The reason the procedure is as complex as it is, is that I am assuming the
absolute worst about the discs and how easy they are to install from the HDD.
It's quite likely that zanfur is correct, and that I've added a
step or two that is unnecessary and complex.

Yes. And it's significantly easier than what wanderingfey is saying. Just copy the files over from the CD to the drive, then run the installer from the drive.