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can't find my temporary folder

I downloaded a song from a site that didn't give me the path it was downloading to. It only said it was going into my temporary folder. Now I can't find it. I already tried the Windows temp folder. It's not in there. I already tried doing a search for it as well as the song title, nothing came up. I even tried using the tools menu to unhide all folders. No luck. I know the song is there because it played once after it downloaded. Where the heck is this mystery "temporary folder"?


maybe it's a temporary folder for the specific software. usually those are under 'my documents'?
I didn't use any softwared, I just downloaded it from a website. It played in Real Player though so I checked to see if Real Player has a temporary folder. It doesn't. :(
See, that's the problem, real player isn't save-able I think unless you have the pro version? Not even sure it would be then.
Maybe it was the type of download that is auto deleted as soon as it's done playing?