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socks and cat

graphics question

For you graphicy types. Is a vector file supposed to end in .ai? Since I can't open it I don't know if it's really my vector file.

Also, why can't I open .png file in photoshop?

Thanks in advance for any answers.


don't know anything about ai files but .png will open in internet explorer. Can't imagine why it's not opening in photoshop.
.ai is an illustrator file. if you dont have the app you won't be able to open it. I think you want that (it's the original file) and probably an . eps file which is a scaleable vector format you can use in several applications not just illustrator.
The folks at the sign store said to get it in vector so it can be blown up into a sign size. So is that an eps file or an ai file??
both are vector, but .eps is better for printing.....

the thing is, you prolly need EPS.
if the sign store has an older version of the illustrator program than the artist does, there is a possibility that they cant open the file.

EPS is a general vector format that can be opened by most printers.

ask the artist to outline all fonts too. If they are using fonts that the printer doesnt have, .ai files do not embed the fonts = printing problems.

think of it this way: .ai is an original file. the native file. its the file the artist worked in originally.

to print, you need an .eps with all fonts outlined. for vector files.
if the printer asks for rastor (like brochure or cards of whatever), a .pdf or hi res .jpg is best.

for web, you need rastor files (.jpgs or .gifs)

Thank you!
an eps file is the scaleable vector version. the . ai file is the original source file with the layered artwork in illustrator. if you ever decide to modify your logo you use the .ai file and the eps is for production.
we have all of the adobe cs4 suite so if you send the file I can convert it

thank you

Can you convert the vector/eps to jpeg for me? I'll need a jpeg copy.

Re: thank you

yes I can. e-mail the file to me and I can send back the converted files.