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blade lick

Lady Gaga's VMA performance

Singing in that deep, rich incredibly talented vocal range while playing on a piano that is on fire while wearing a skin tight flesh tone outfit that makes you look naked and smashing bottles of booze on the keyboard while you do it. Yes, lady Gaga rocks my world!


Ok, she just went from cool to badass!
That photo is stunning but her performance failed to impress me. She can sing well for a few seconds and then it all goes to hell. Then its good again ... then it goes to hell. Her dancing is crap . . . she also seems to need to find her identity. She is too confused for me. I'm all about switching things up, but she goes from R&B to a country twang to gibberish nonsense and strange lyrical affectations that really get on my nerves.

And this was the AMA performance.

Her VMA performance was a lot better. To date its the only one I've liked. But I haven't seen many.
I adore her! She is super talented.
What/??? No video link?
She went to Julliard.

What a waste.
Oh dear god! Either she has hidden talent that she is not revealing to the masses, or she had rich parents! She is not Juliard material!
I do have to say that it is refreshing to see someone in mainstream media who doesn't look like a pornstar. She does wear a freckton of make-up but she is unique looking.