Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Logo Update

By popular vote I have chosen #1. However, the last lotus design was so popular that I may ask the designer if she would be willing to throw that in. I could use it for tank tops and stuff. I don't know if she'll charge me extra or not for a second design.

She's tweaking the last 'L' in "Soul" for me right now and then we're done. I'll ask her for Vector copy and jpeg copy plus a copy of just the girl on the pole without the text. I figure I can always use photoshop to add our tag line later. Otherwise I'll just be going back and forth with her for the text of that. And quite frankly the contest is over and the contest website is in the process of awarding her my prize money and I feel funny asking for more changes after she has already been paid my maximum and isn't going to be paid anymore. So I'll add the tagline myself to the jpeg copy and worry about the Vector copy later.

I also asked her what country she lives in in my last e-mail. I assumed it was Australia. But her English writing is just broken enough that it is looking like English is not her native language. I'm curious what country my new logo came from!

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