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socks and cat

Please vote for your favorite

Ladies and gentleman, it is with great pride that I present to you the choices for our new logo! Down in the lower left hand corner of each logo is a small circle you can click on to highlight - then scroll to the bottom and click on the "submit poll" button for your vote to be recorded. Comments welcome.

Please keep in mind the goal is femininity and action but with a woman of an indeterminable body size so that women of all shapes and sizes can identify with her.

Thank you for your votes!!

Choose our new logo!



I think number four might be a little more suggestive than you were aiming for.
Definitely more suggestive than she was aiming for. Especially with the lotus flower where it is . . . symbolizing a vag. In fact, the middle three are too busy and all look like they are symbolizing a vag.
I voted for the first one, but I like the last one a lot... except for the fact that the pole looks like a toothpick.
If the pole was thicker in the last one would you still prefer the first one?
No, I'd probably go for the last one if it was thicker and didn't taper.

Edited at 2009-11-23 08:57 pm (UTC)
I was the opposite - voted 5 but 1 was a close second. But I didn't notice the toothpick effect, which now that you've mentioned it, I can't help but stare. :-D
Now that you mention it, it does look a little like a toothpick. I still like the last one the best.
I can't figure out the stomach on that one. does the tummy come to a point?

I think the part you are talking about is supposed to be ribs, but it is not drawn in a way that looks correct.
I like the first one and the last one.

I voted for the last one because people won't get confused on what to type in the URL...it's all right there on one line...
The first logo has the simpliest, cleanest, graphic and I think works much better then any of the others.

The 4th logo would be my second choice, but it's not even a close second choice. It's just the one I'd pick if I *had* to pick one of the remaining logos and the 1st logo was removed from consideraion.

I don't think the whole "lotus flower as part of the logo" thing really works. I know it has meaning to *you*, but it clutters up the logo and doesn't really tell the viewer anything significant.

Logo 2 and 3 don't work at all. The lines are too abstract and don't really scan as a woman to me.

Logo 4 is too risque. I agree that it looks like it belongs to a strip club.

Btw, didn't you have some logo redsign ideas several months back? I remember there was one there that I really liked. It was a variation on your current logo, but I don't know if you ever did a final version of that idea for consideration.

I had some desings months back that I liked. But I put them up here for comments and they got shot down.
The lotus flower represents is spiritual and is commonly used in yoga, which she teaches is an erotic way. I think the lotus flower will get across to many females in the way she intends.

The last one is the cleanest and easiest to read. I am still unsure about the capitalization of "The". Maybe I am forgetting a rule, but I thought it was not supposed to be capitalized. If it is capitalized for clarity, then capitalize For to make it consistent. If I am forgetting a rule, I am sorry. My brain is frazzled these days.
I like all of them except the 4th one. Too thin and sexy and there's an alien trying to sprout out of her belly... And maybe a little too abstract (where is her head?! Why does she have wings?).
The fourth one is ridiculous! LOL!
I'm kinda torn between 1 and 4.
1 is good, but it is not good enough for your sign.
Also, I think you should ask the people who picked 2-4 what their second choice would be, though because they picked ones I wouldn't have even considered, it may not sway them to vote for the last one. The last one looks VERY professional. IMO. I have a good eye if I don't say so myself, coming from a long line of artists. You really should ask Christelle . . . she is very busy on her vacation right now, but she has a good eye as well. Also ask Raven . . . and any other artists you know.