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socks and cat

Can I save a Vector design if I don't have Vector?

If my designer sends me the design in Vector (which is what the sign company requsted if I want it blown up big and put on a sign on my building) but I don't have Vector, what happens? Can I still forward the design to people that do have Vector and they can open it, even though it came from my computer that doesn't have Vector?


You can easily forward it to them, you just can't look at it.

And like cambler said, it is likely they are talking about haing it in a format like Illustrator or even EPS (Encapsulated post script). The good thing about vector formats is that they resize better than raster (GIF/JPG) formats.
Thanks! That's probably why the sign company wanted it.

What software would I need to look at and make changes to a Vector graphic? Illustrator?
Lots of different image formats can use vectoring to describe shapes. Basically the shape is being described by an algorithm where the size is variable so when you change the size the program redraws the whole thing from scratch making it all pretty instead of pixelated like when you zoom in too far on a picture. I cannot really answer your question without knowing what format the file is.

1. you can certainly forward it to someone else without looking at it (hah, I did this once. You have to really trust your designer).

2. GIMP is a free photo editing software that tries to compete with Adobe Photoshop and will open almost anything. You may or may not like actually using it for photo editing but should work fine for looking. So if it doesn't open, install this: http://gimp-win.sourceforge.net/stable.html