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New Moon phenomenon

New Moon made $258.8 million worldwide on opening weekend:

New Moon Shatters Expectations

Also we talked to some of the people on opening night that had the best seats. They had been sitting in those seats to save them 5 hours before the movie started!



Wow. It sounds like those people need to find something more useful to do with their time. Jeez.
I'm sure people say the same thing about those of us that love going to Norwescon.
Huh? I don't see your comparison. I know that people dress up to see movies, especially on opening night, but I don't see how that is related to waiting 5 hours to see a movie that they can go and see the next day. And have the best seat. They can go on opening night when the doors open and see the movie with all the fans and go again and have the best seat.
Spending a few hours with other rabid die hard Twilight fans and enjoying their company and feeding off the energy feels the same to me as going to Norwescon and spending days with other fans so into sci-fi and fantasy that they will dress up and enjoy each other's company and feed off each other's excitement and energy.

Going the day after it opens (as you suggested) is kind of like going to Norwescon for just a few hours rather than the entire 3 days. You get some of the same experience, but the folks who go all weekend get ten times the experience. Same with seeing it on open night. We were all one happy Twilight family and we liked spending that much time with people who share a passion for the same thing. It was about the quality of people and the experience we got to share with them for as long as possible.
So the people who were there for five hours were a big group and a lot of people were there for five hours? If so, then I get it. I am surprised the theater opened that early for people to sit and hang out.