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socks and cat

feedback please

Here is the latest version. It turns out the designer is not reading my blog. But she is a woman and I guess she just knows what a woman wants. I asked her to make the arm thicker (so the girl wouldn't look so skinny) and add more curve to the hip. I'm thinking it actually looked better with the skinny arm she originally did.

I also asked for new text but wasn't specific. Not sure what kind of text to ask for in the re-do. Thoughts??


I've checked out of LJ for a while, so I've missed the last several renditions, but this looks fantastic! So much better than the first few we talked about months back. I just looked at the last two as well - this is much better with curves. I like the lettering & layout much better too.

If you change anthing at all, put the colors back - I like it black/red, but it's likley more masculine than you need. If you want to be really picky, look at capitolizing Pole just for consistancy, though that may throw off the weight.
I think it's cool. There is a sense of elegance to it and it does reflect your business accurately.
I like it. The thicker arm looks fine. Her "hip" looked abstract before and it still does. I have no preference between the two. Is her hand different in this one? I think it looks better but maybe I'm just imagining it. Letters look MUCH better.

crowgrl13's suggestions seem worth trying. I suggest making ".com" bigger or just get rid of it (you don't really need it. Searching for pole for the soul goes straight to your website). I think you could use it the way it is now so just try out some variations and if they don't work stick with this one.

A slogan/subtitle would be appropriate for some implementations. Something like "a fitness studio for the mind and body" for when you want to be really obvious. You could totally use the logo as a standalone without the text also: it's gorgeous.
Thank you for reminding me, I do have a subtitle: "Empowering and fun pole dance fitness classes and parties"

Considering how expensive it was to copyright it, I should use that slogan.