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socks and cat

Drunk pole dancing ruins wedding

There are no words...


The look on that bride's face was pretty real. And women really DO act like that when they have had a few drinks and are around a pole.
I thought the shit was going to hit the fan when she stole the groom for a little dirty dancing, but wow, the look on the bride's face at the end definitely means this woman will NOT be getting an invite to the annual Christmas party. Who wear's a whore dress like that to a wedding anyway?

As for it being staged, the bride's nose is obviously broken. I wouldn't want to end up in the ER on my wedding night, so I highly doubt this was staged.
It's a Heineken staged scene from their "Know the Signs" drinking awareness campaign.


When you're looking at the bar scene, click on the second from the right called "The Flirt"

I love the look of absolute GLEE on her face just before she ruins everything.
That is one seriously calm bride. Maybe she's concussed...