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PftS - kitty

Your opinions please - a pole poll

What do you think of when you see this design?

I'm seriously considering the above design for our new logo. Instead of just a yes or a no, please let me know what you think of when you see it. My goal was an abstract woman that would not alienate women who are average to plus size - because pole dancing is for everyone!

MEN: your opinions are welcome as well. These classes may not be for you but this would be on a sign on our building and I want to make sure the design doesn't make you think we are a strip club.

All opinions welcome! Thank you!!


Modifying my comment slightly. The problem I mentioned seems to go away (in my perception) when there is a box around the logo (as it appears in the comment view). Not sure the reason, but that frame seems to help me see the words as intended.
At the size and scale shown, it's hard for me to make out that the abstract design is a woman - her arm and face are too slim and lightweight (compared to the heavier lines that denote the sweep of her hair and clothing). I like the font used for "the" and the font used for "soul" and "for", but not the heavier font used for "pole". I like the basic concept though.
I really like it.
I like the woman silhouette. I like the contrast of the colours and I love the brown (very contemporary choice). I also really like the modern feel of the majority of the font.
What is not esthetically pleasing to me is the font of the THE, I don't think it matches the other modern font and imaging. I don't really like the red with the brown, I think I would like grey over brown with the red or almost any other colour over the red with the brown.

I love the use of the L as a pole, very smart.

I'm no expert, but I have been editing and developing gig poster design for a few years.
If I choose this design I'll be asking the designer to change it to our company colors: black and red
Like the logo. Don't like the text.
I really dig it. A lot.

very nice, but needs some refinement.

The woman is a bit difficult to read, but the concept of her holding the Pole for the Soul Pole is intriguing. It's a nice way to integrate the icon with the typography.

The typography needs some work. The lowercase sanserif is nice because it shows an elegant, modern style, and it's friendly at the same time. But the letterspacing needs a lot of refinement, especially the word "pole" needs to be tightened up, as well as "soul". Also, the thickness of the "o" and "u" in soul are not the same as the thickness of the letters "s" and "l". This should also be corrected.

It's really nice how the "for" lines up with the "u" in soul. I think this gives it a nice sense of stability. It would be nicer if "for" was a little larger so that the bottom of the crossbar of the "f" lined up exactly with the bottom of the straight edge in the "e". If you did this, the "f" and "r" would need to be moved in closer to the "o" to still line up with the edges on the "u".

The word "the" in script is interesting, but it feels a little dated; an elegant italic (Granjon or Minion) would be much more appropriate.

Feel free to DM or email me if you'd like further advice; I'm a graphic designer by trade and would gladly help you out.

Re: very nice, but needs some refinement.

Thank you!!
I agree. The text looks really bad.