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socks and cat

Design contest for a new logo for my pole school

I have a contest running for designers to design a brand new logo for my pole school. I'm offering a $350 prize to the one we choose. If you know any designers who might want to participate, please send them here: http://99designs.com/contests/31877

My apologies to those of you who do not approve of spec work. I tried a few other routes but I just couldn't resist the temptation of having so many new eyes and ideas. I do partly regret this choice though because turning people down or giving them critical feedback really doesn't feel good. And some of the designers submitted very sexy looking women logos even after I requested that the woman be abstract and not too thin.

In a few days I'll submit the leading contenders here for a vote. Too early now, the contest still has 4 days left to run.


#42 Entrant: By delavie implements what I suggested to you previously. Looks good... doesn't follow your instructions very well though. Hah, lots of them either don't follow your instructions or look horrible... or both. Good luck wrangling the artists.

You might want to feed them more pictures of innocent looking girls playing happily in fields of flowers or something to get them on the right track...
#42 was so vulger that I had to eliminate the designer from the competition. That designer is clearly a man and I suspect he's posting clip art sexy poses on a pole rather than designing from scratch.

um... you gave it 3 stars. Are we talking about the same thing?
Yeah, I see some different ones that are gone. #42 is still there.
My bad. It was some other 40-somethings. The arms on 42 look spastic and deformed. Too bad, because it's a pretty design.
"in suggestive poses with a pole between their legs" That's what you said about the ones you removed. The same thing I said previously.

"Delavie - I like that she's average sized and not thin. But something is off about the arms, I just can't figure out what it is."
What you said about the one I liked "#42 by delavie" which has the model reach back behind her to grab the pole so it isn't inbetween her legs. Something I described before and this artist managed to pull off and make it look good.

Come on now, give me a little bit of credit. I didn't support the impressionistic-nubile-paris-runway-model-humping-a-pole ones... slightly offended that you thought I did as if I had no clue what you wanted :(
I didn't think that. My learning disability includes problems with numbers. I just confused the numbers. It wasn't a reflection on your taste.