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socks and cat

waited too long

I think making a big $300 purchase for a computer site unseen made me nervous. So I waited a couple days. Now the only refurbished model on Amazon has sold. All gone. Must start search all over again or pay full price. :( So far all Google leads take me to sites that are sold out.


Why don't you go to Best Buy?

For a little bit more than $300 you can get a decent machine, walk out with it the same day, avoid shipping costs, and have a place to take it to if you have problems later...
I know the machine I want, it took a lot of research to find the best one out there for the cost. Best Buy wants about $359 for it. I'm a bargain hunter and refuse to pay more than $300 for it.

I currently have a bid up for a used one on eBay that has already been upgraded to 2gb of RAM. Hoping to win that one so I won't have to pay $50 extra to upgrade the RAM myself.
I should add that when I buy electronics I tend to use them for 4 to 6 years or basically until they die. I'm not the type to upgrade just because something better came out. So it makes sense for me to invest a little extra in a nicer netbook when you consider how many years I'll be using it.
If you want the machine to last, then you should avoid getting a used machine when you can buy a *new* one for almost the same price,
and which will typically have better performance.

It makes sense to spend almost the same amount of money on a new box if you want it to last.
Agreed. But the netbook is just a secondary computer to my regular laptop. I need it only for a few weeks a year when I travel. And then the rest of the time it will be used as a stereo system to get my favorite online radio stations in the bedroom (which I can't do right now because my laptop is in my office and not the bedroom).

If I get the computer for the price I'm bidding at, I'll save $100. Plus it is still under warranty.