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PftS - kitty

scouting potential locations

Got my first set of location leads. Holy cow, rents really ARE cheaper in Issaquah. 900 sqaure foot location in a major shopping center for about $1700 a month. Not bad.


Wow, this lets me know how blessed I really am with my store. lol I know it's a completely different part of the country but it just goes to show how much of a difference there can be.

I am so proud of you for being brave enough to consider opening a second location! Especially if you can have the exposure you have currently (off a busy street) for a similar sized studio at lesser cost than what you're currently paying. You are so totally an inspiration to me :)

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Thank you!
Make sure you're okay with the traffic situation - my martial arts school was looking at moving to Issaquah at one point, but the traffic was pretty dire during some times we'd like to be having classes. (That wasn't the reason in the end we didn't move. But.)
Tell me more please. What is traffic like in Issaquah?
At least as of a couple of years ago, Issaquah is a beautiful little town nestled amongst the foothills... that has had a ton of developments go up in the last few years. The streets in the city center were by and large not make to handle that many people, so around rush hour it's pretty darned slow. How bad will depend on exactly where you are - and when you hold classes. (By seven, for instance, it's probably less of an issue.)
We have classes at 6pm and 7:45pm. I guess I had better drive around the area a bit before I sign a lease.
I'd recommend it.

I could see the community there working out well, though.
Well, maybe - I would have said the same thing about a branch of a store my sister worked for (kind of a natural baby care place). But they never got a lot of sales.

BTW, did you ever meet up with my sister? (She's a sling instructor at Versatile Arts... and a stripper at the LL, for that matter.)
Oh yes, I didn't realize she was your sister! We did two trades. Then her schedule got super busy and my schedule got super busy at about the same time. We may try a trade again in the future when schedules permit.
Yup. My baby sister. Proud of her ;-)

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