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socks and cat

Good things

I have been referred to a leasing agent that is going to help me price locations on the Eastside so I can decide if I want to open the second location in Spring of next year. That is the first step. If he says we can get properties in my price range, I will start training the new instructors for my second studio the first week of January.

Life is moving forward!


Yay! It's good to hear things are going so well for you. :D
Sweet! You're doing something very right to be able to open a second location. Go you!
I have been pondering that as well. Let me know if you see anything with high ceilings! I don't even need them to be as high as my current place- 16-18' would be fine for a second location. Or if there's some place we could time-share... ??
Sharing would be wonderful! I would much rather start part time there.

Are you the one that referred me to my last leasing agent that found me this place? I can't find her info. But I liked her and would rather use her.