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To Windows 7 or not to 7

Windows 7 home premium upgrade is $119. I think I'm using XP. Should I upgrade? Does Windows 7 include a new version of MS Office? Every time I open excel it tells me I'm using a non-genuine version of Office. It has done this ever since I upgraded my Internet Expolorer a couple weeks ago. Will it stop doing that if I upgrade my Windows?


No, Windows 7 does not include a new version of Office. It would probably still tell you that after you upgraded. There should be a way to re-enter your product key and get that to go away but I'm not certain.

I would not recommend waiting since you are happy with XP and if you haven't upgraded while Vista was out, then your computer might not be able to handle Win7.

Windows 7 prefers Office 2007. I think you can run Office 2003 on it but I'm not sure. It sounds like you need to re-enter your registration code into your pc for office, it's on the CD that you got with it.
Oh, what I meant by it prefers 2007, you'd need to buy a new copy, it doesn't come with the operating system.