Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

FDA probing lasik

The FDA is going to probe lasik effects:

Before I had lasik I researched the procedure heavily so I knew every possible risk. I also spoke to the doctor during the consult about special risks for people like myself that had worse vision than most who wear glasses/contact and because I have larger pupils than the average human being. This also upped the risks for me. I chose to take on those risks.

In the end I got two of the most common side effects of lasik. My eyes dry so badly when I close them for any extended period of time that I have to have a bottle of eye drops at my bedside and I have to put eye drops in them first thing when I wake up or my eyes feel like sandpaper. I can live with this. A couple eye drops takes WAY less time and money than contact lenses.

I also have halos at night or looking at anything light in a dark room (like when you are at the movies). After a while you get so used to the halos that you don't even notice them.

My vision was so bad before lasik that I couldn't see your face if you were a foot and a half in front of me (your face would just be a big flesh colored blur with no features). My vision is perfect now and using eye drops to cure my dry eyes and having halos around the traffic lights at night is a small price to pay for waking up with clear vision and never having the hassle of contacts and glasses ever again.

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