Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Treasures I found at the grand opening of the new Whole Foods Market

After months and months of waiting for it to open I got to go the first grand opening day of the Whole Foods Market on 15th in Magnolia (I think it's Magnolia, maybe more like lower Queen Anne). I'm so happy there is finally a Whole Foods within easy driving distance of my home! All the other locations are so far away that I could only go about once every other month. Now I can go every week.

I found some things there that I have never found at other Whole Foods locations:

Cherry Pumpernickel bread - a rye bred with dried cherries that promises to have a flavor that is sweet, sour, spicy and tangy.

E3-Live - a supplement that has more nutrients than protein or green food powders because it is not dried like powders are. It has more protein and trace mineral concentration of any natural food. I'll be adding it to my protein shakes in the morning.

Sugar Free New York Cheesecake!!!! I was so excited to find it that I bought it forgetting I already have a sugar free cherry pie in the fridge at home. So now I have more sugar free treats than I know what to do with.

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