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YinYang Cats

Treasures I found at the grand opening of the new Whole Foods Market

After months and months of waiting for it to open I got to go the first grand opening day of the Whole Foods Market on 15th in Magnolia (I think it's Magnolia, maybe more like lower Queen Anne). I'm so happy there is finally a Whole Foods within easy driving distance of my home! All the other locations are so far away that I could only go about once every other month. Now I can go every week.

I found some things there that I have never found at other Whole Foods locations:

Cherry Pumpernickel bread - a rye bred with dried cherries that promises to have a flavor that is sweet, sour, spicy and tangy.

E3-Live - a supplement that has more nutrients than protein or green food powders because it is not dried like powders are. It has more protein and trace mineral concentration of any natural food. I'll be adding it to my protein shakes in the morning.

Sugar Free New York Cheesecake!!!! I was so excited to find it that I bought it forgetting I already have a sugar free cherry pie in the fridge at home. So now I have more sugar free treats than I know what to do with.


I hate to burst your bubble, but the CEO of Whole Foods is a right-wing jerk who does not feel that everyone is entitled to proper health care:


I've been avoiding shopping there since I heard this.
I'm confused. What's wrong with his plan? He pays 100% of employee's insurance premiums. Their deductible is $2,500 and he GIVES them $1,800 a year to apply toward those deductibles. That leaves the employees a cost of $700 per year for their health insurance. Given that I pay $4,700 per year for my health insurance, I don't see the problem with making his employees pay only $700.

Am I not understanding his health insurance policy correctly?
The problem is that we don't all work for Whole Foods. If you don't work for him, you're on your own - if you can't afford health care, that's your problem. I.e, health care is a privilege that only the rich can afford, and that's fine with him.
I was going to tell her about this. Thank you. I won't support Whole Foods now.
Still confused. I just tried to re-read the article for clarification but the link stopped working. :(

If he's providing affordable healthcare to even his part time employees (30 hours a week) then he's treating these people fairly. I don't want to boycott some one for having a dumb-ass opinion.

I have friends who think differently than me and openly say so. I have a born-again friend who thinks being gay is wrong. I have friends that are openly pro-choice even for women who have had several abortions already. I even have a friend that thinks people should earn their own health care and not expect the government to help with it. I can be friends with ALL of these people because they treat me and every gay or pro-life or impoverished person with respect in spite of their opinions.

In my opinion all that matters is how you treat people. If you treat people fairly and with respect, you can have all the dumb-ass opinions in the world and I'll still give you my business. This guy seems to be providing his employees with health care AND a way to pay for their deductibles. So why would I care that he is being public about his ignorant opinions on health care?
I think that the difference here is that this guy isn't your friend; you're putting money in his pocket that he can then spend to help defeat the proposed health care plan. That bothers me, personally, for the same reason it bothered me to find out that the company behind Bolthouse Farms was giving a ton of money to support the anti-gay-marriage initiative in California. I stopped buying their products as well.

If none of this is a big deal to you, then you should not change your shopping habits. I just feel like everyone should make an informed decision about where their dollars go.
I see your point. If I see some evidence that he is spending his money or the company's profits to defeat any measures that would provide affordable health care, I'll join the boycott.
I have homemade sugar-free pumpkin pie. Want me to bring you some?
Yes please!!!!!!