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socks and cat

One more picture

The artist that makes these chokers asked me to send him a picture of me wearing the one I purchased from him on etsy.com (so I took this one). The chokers basically make it look like your throat has been slashed. I'm not at all into horror or dressing in horror type costumes. But this does make me miss an occasional formal event because it is zombie or horror themed. So now I have something I can throw on to fit right in for these events:

I'm also wearing the spiked bra I got on etsy.com. A friend dubbed it "spiky cleavage of doom."


What an awesome idea for a choker! For those of us who want to do a touch horror but without getting makeup everywhere that is so great!
Another thing I recently purchased for a touch of easy horror is slash mark temporary tattoos. So I can tattoo on some bloody slash marks onto my body and then just remove them at the end of the night with baby oil. Now I'm ready for the next Zombie Prom in Portland!
That is awesome! Unfortunately though I am no longer involved in ZP here and the organizer doing it has...well, some issues (putting it very delicately) so I don't know if she will be able to even do one next year. I wish Seattle would do more horror themed stuff or I lived up there to do it! It is a super open market that no one seems to be tapping!
I'm not into the zombie thing but I wouldn't mind organizing our own Vampire Ball (not to take away from Portland's of course but because some people can't drive down there for it or some people want TWO balls in one year). I just don't know if I could pull it off or if I would tank and lose money.
I know Nicole gets a ton of folks who do drive down from Seattle. If you did it at a different time and used a different name it would be totally fine - being influenced by another event is a compliment - provided it does not threaten or steal from the other event. I think it would go over very well up there - you should go for it!
I would definitely do it on a different month. I think the first weekend in October would add a bit of a Halloween flair to it that might attract more folks.

I know the perfect venue for it and the perfect DJ for it. But I don't know how to organize or advertise an event like this.
The biggest thing to doing an event is figuring out how to get to your target audience. Flyers and posters can be done but you would want to find someone to do something unique but drawn the crowd you want for them. You can always go to one of the folks in your scene up there who throws stuff and see if you can get their mentoring or input. Alot of folks in our scenes want to throw stuff so they have fun stuff to attend and would be happy to help :) If I was up there I would totally do it but throwing an event in a city I never visit as is would be hard :)