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need my Edward!

I just finished Breaking Dawn, the last book in the Twilight series. Now what am I supposed to do to get my Edward and Bella fix!?


Can I borrow the last two? I've only read up Twilight and New Moon. I'm hoping the thrid one is better than the second.
I suppose you could get your fix at a local Hot Topic. They just release a whole bunch of Twilight accessories. LOL.
I only want ONE of those accessories an none of the Seattle stores sells it. I may drive to South Center mall next weekend to get it.
You aren't going to say which one?


I surprised myself by actually enjoying the last two books in the series.

the troll

There's always fan fiction. =)
My experience with fan fiction is that 90% of it is terrible and you have to dig through a ton of it to find the few well written pieces. If I had that kind of time (to read a ton of poorly written stories first) I would do it.
you can go to stephenie meyer's site and read the first chapters she has up of "midnight sun". it was leaked, so she just kept it up. it's the first novel from edward's perspective.
That sounds interesting. I bet it is more romantic than "Twilight" considering it is from his perspective.
I read a few lines from it. It was less romantic and more about him fighting the urge to kill her. You have to remember, she makes him REALLY thirsty!