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socks and cat


I have to turn down two Halloween party invites if I want to go to the dance at Steamcon (and I might have to skip that too so I can get up early the next morning for the workshop). What was Steamcon thinking scheduling their convention the weekend before Halloween? Don't they know that's a MAJOR party weekend? Common sense should tell that anyone who loves to dress in a steampunk costume probably also loves to dress in other kinds of costumes. And that means they want to be at all the other costume parties that are the same weekend as their convention.

I hope who ever planned this thing comes to their senses before the schedule next year's Steamcon.


How much does it cost to go to just the dance? DO I have to have to have a pass for the whole event? I might want to go with you to the dance. I was worried about parking. I have no idea if this is anything like NWC. I haven't bought a pass, because I don't plan on having a hotel room and am wondering how the heck I'll find parking if I show up late.
Their website does not give a price for one day entry. They only say this: "While we may be able to offer one day memberships at the door, it is not a certainty. Our facility has a finite amount of space and if we exceed that capacity with presales, then we will be unable to sell any memberships at the door, and we regretfully won't be offering any one day memberships."