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socks and cat

From the Ruby Room

This afternoon I went to the Ruby Room rummage sale where all the gowns were $20. Ruby Room is a charity you can donate your gowns to and they give them to high school girls that can't afford to buy a dress for prom. The ones on sale were left overs that never made it to proms.

The first one is a sparkly red number. I can't wait to dress it up and wear it to a club. The picture of the second one doesn't do it justice. The tule is gorgeous and has roses sewn onto it. The top is too big so I'll cut it off so I can wear the bottom half with a black corset on a formal club night.


Now I wish I *had* gone and snagged the second gown. I have always wanted to be the Queen of Hearts for Halloween, and that gown would be perfect for it.

Change NOTHING with that first dress, it is perfect on you.

Hell, I feel an overwhelming urge to buy you a corsage... or a small tropical island.
It might have been at one time but now it just looks funny if you pull it down as a skirt.