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socks and cat


I was looking at my online bank statement and started noticing some strange fees for "foreign currency conversion." Since I don't make any foreign purchases, I called the bank to find out what they were. Apparently about $200 in foreign purchases were made from my account in small incriments, each time accumulating one of these fees. One of the purchases was from Paris!

The thing is, I would never have noticed any of these purchases, because they were small and spread out, had the foreign currency conversion fees not been added. If some one wanted to continue to have fraudulent access to my bank account, why weren't they smart about it and make only small local purchases? They probably could have gotten away with this for several months more if they had just stayed local and not made over seas purchases.


I had the same thing happen but for .10 cents. Sometimes they charge that amount as a test before they strike the motherload of hits onto your account. Hopefully you had you account or credit card # changed. It's a pain!
Because.... Cartoon super villians not withstanding, people do not commit crimes because they are smart. They get lazy and that's how they get caught.