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Pole Kitten arching on pole

I can do this!

During one of my classes this evening I was walking my students through a straddle split stretch and realized that for the first time ever, I could actually reach my face all the way to the floor! Pole dancing does increase your flexibility. It took me 4 years of pole dancing to get this, and I was so excited that one of my students used her phone to take a picture of it:

If you're wondering what it is I'm doing in that picture, it's basically this stretch below. Try this and then bring your hands and body to the middle and lower your upper body to the floor. Try to get your face to the floor, I dare you!


That's impressive. When I was half my age, in my flexibility/fitness peak, I couldn't do that, but tried relentlessly.
Oh, that's beautiful!

When I've been pushing the flexibility hard I can sometimes get my face to the ground, but my back has never been close to that flat. It was always both an inspiration and annoyance that I used to train with a very talented five year old, who would fall into straddle splits, put his arms open and flop face first on the floor, and then say "I love the earth!" So cute. So... kids!
My back actually isn't all that flat, it's kind of hunched up. But I do this stretch several times per week so I'll eventually get the flat back too.
There is just something so alluring about bendy women.
Bonking y head against my leg was victory enough. In the middle....wait...where di all those tendons and things come from?!?!?! I know where they *end*!!!!

Note to self: accept no cagekitten dares without making one of your own.
wow!!! that is incredible! congratulations! :)