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Questions for everyone

1. Describe to me what you think the difference is between a person that is very sensual and a person that is very sexual.

2. (Optional) If you are comfortable answering this question: Have you ever had sex with some one who was mostly sexual but not sensual or have you ever had sex with some one who was mostly sensual but not sexual. What was it like?

I have disabled comment screening for this post only so I think that anonymous comments will be allowed.


Sensuality is a way of life, a way of approaching pleasure. It can include sexual pleasure, but a sexual person may be focused on that more than sensuality on a broader level.
Sensual to me is more implied, indirect, while sexual is very direct and in your face. A sensual person can be attractive, flirty, etc, while a sexual person kind of just throws it in your face. Sensual can be clothing that is erotic in nature, like lace and leather and other rich materials, while sexual is just tits and ass hanging out all over the place.

I have had sex with people that were sexual but not sensual. They cared about the sex, they didn't care about the flirting and teasing and all the stuff that fans the flames. I have also had sex with at least one person that was sensual but the sex took forever to actually happen. It was like the tease, the buildup was what pleased them, and when it came to actually having sex, it turned them off but they did it anyway because it's what I wanted. And of course it wasn't very good.
1. Sensuality to me is the joy of experience. It can be described in many different ways, depending on what floats your boat. There are sensual sculptors as well as sensual lovers. It's the passion someone place into whatever that describes their level of sensuality for it.

Sexuality (in context of the question) is the physical and mental manifestations of lust and attraction, although not always acted upon (e.g. an attractive model may appear very sexual, but may not actually be in practice).

2. Yes and yes. The girls I've been with who were sexual but not sensual just ended up feeling....empty and almost robotic. The girls I've been with who are the other way around felt better....but still, it's good if both partners are on the same sexual page, or else that can lead to other sorts of issues.

To me sensuality doesn't have to be even linked to sexuality, though it often is. To me is is a celebration of the senses, delighting in the way things look, taste, feel, sound or smell. It is spending time in the moment with the senses. Linking that to feelings of pleasure, love, passion makes for an incredible experience with or without sex ever being involved. Cats have this down to a fine art.

Someone who is very sexual in my mind is someone who's primary goal is the sex. They are very centered on satisfying that part of themselves, and prefer not to spend much time on the path to getting there. They don't tend to need a strong emotional connection with their partner to enjoy sex.

Sex without sensuality is for me, utterly pointless. I always end up feeling used, like I could have been replaced with a mechanical doll and the result would have been the same. Sensuality without sex can leave me frustrated or floating on cloud nine, depending on the interaction.
Sensuality = the journey is the most important.
Sexuality = the end result being the most important.

in my observation, women are more sensual and men more sexual.

I am more about the journey than the end result but then again, I am a bit different than most guys.
To put it as simply as possible:

Sexual = fucking
Senusal = mood creation

Maybe more detail after I wake up.