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socks and cat

Does Fred Meyer have an after Halloween sale?

Does anyone know if Fred Meyer puts their Halloween stuff on sale after Halloween (or do they just pack it away for next year)? They have a beautiful artificial black rose wreath and the black roses are dusted with just he perfect soft silver glitter shimmer. I want to buy the wreathe and take it apart and wear the flowers in my hair as a clubbing accessory. But the cost of the entire wreathe is not worth getting just a couple flowers from it.


they do. Usually starts at 40-50% off day after HW, with a brief perior of 75% off after a week or so. Best to call and confirm if you can't live without it.
Thanks! I can live without it but I'll be there the day after Halloween just in case.
The one by my house often starts the sale 1-2 days before Halloween, but as time goes on, the % off goes up. I remember I wish I had bought something later, as I saw the same item cheaper a week later.
Perfect! These flowers will look gorgeous on my new top hat too. I'll settle for the smaller discount but I definitely want to wait until it is on sale.
I just bought a frilly top hat with flowers and feathers on it! Great minds think alike!

P.S. Maybe a craft store would have the flowers you want. Or you could get some fake black flowers and glitter spray.

Also, Target has a wreath like that, but I don't know how much it costs.
If you just want the flowers from it, you'd be better off getting flowers from Michael's, Display & Costume, or Ben Franklin, and going from there. IME, those decor items, like wreaths, have a lot of glue, or wire to hold them together. You'll have a lot less work if you start out with plain flowers. I know the wreath you're talking about, and I know the craft stores carry similar black roses, and maybe even with sparkles on them (if not, just buy some cheap spray glitter and glitter it yourself outside).
I've seen black flowers before at craft stores but I was thinking I wouldn't be able to achieve the same shimmer effect. Usually if I spray glitter on something it just looks like I sprayed glitter on it. These flowers on the wreathe didn't look like glitter was on it at all, it just had this subtle silver sheen to it where the glitter was. How do I achieve that?
I'd ask someone working at a craft store. They'll know what supplies they have, but I'm thinking it'll be with a spray. They have ones with superfine glitter, but also ones that just create, like you said, a sheen. I'm not sure exactly what would be best, but someone working there would.
Might have been superfine BLACK glitter, or iridescent.