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Steampunk night at the Vogue

Click the cut or thumbnails for more steampunk pictures...

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AH!! Your costume is absolutely adorable. I love it!
Thank you!
Random person who found my way here via a 'steampunk bellydance' google search! Very well done! Would you mind sharing who made those goggles? Love em!
Much appreciated! I can't remember the name of the artist that made the goggles but I got them on etsy.com. If you go to etsy.com and do a search under "steampunk goggles" the artists should be one of the many that shows up.
*pouts* I can't seem to find them. Do you think perhaps when you get a chance you could log into Etsy and see who the seller was in your past purchases section?

Thanks very much!
Thank you so much!!
I don't see the goggles there but send him a pic and I'm sure he'll make you a pair.
I did; I looked in his 'sales' and sent him a note attached to one. :)
You really know your way around etsy. I would not have thought of that. Enjoy the goggles, you will get lots of compliments on them!