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word wall

suggestions please

Check out these amazing dragon wings/tail that I found in the costume section of a thrift store today. What kind of costume could I make with these, other than a dragon? And could I make a sexy costume with it, like maybe a sexy devil? What would that look like? What would I wear with the wings? Suggestions please!


At first glance, lots of red liquid latex or body paint. Or maybe something like this:

(couldn't find a good Coop image that wasn't naked, but that was more of what I was thinking....the classic Devil Girl look) :p

Well, the succubus is the classic....but the Recently Fallen Angel (scorched, torn robe, holding a bent halo) would rock socks.
Dragon lady.. devil/succubus... Big Corporate CEO/vampire ;P

or you could do drag and be Satan with a sharp suite and brief case. :)
Those do look very cute on you.