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socks and cat

We didn't even have cell phones when I was in high school

From Oprah Magazine:

"There's a new phenomenon called sexting. A recent survey done by Teenage Research Unlimited found that 22 percent of girls have sent nude or seminude imagines of themselves to boys on their cell phones, and not necessarily to their boyfriends, even though 75 percent of teens understand that this behavior may be risky."

At first when I read this I was kind of horrified. But then I thought, maybe this is the safest sex ever. What do you think of this whole teen sexting thing?


I agree. I took a picture of myself in a tube top 10 years ago and never thought much of it. I suppose that would a semi-nude!
Semi-nude constitutes underwear or topless shots where you can't actually see the breast, or like the Miley Cyrus shot where she was draped in a sheet.

Nude is 99% topless pictures, most girls that are taking the pics are holding the camera themselves and it's hard to get a full body shot from arm's length, unless it's a super camera on the phone.