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cats to doves

here...there...everywhere but now

I wish I could focus. I feel like I'm chasing a million different things at once. My life has so many good things and people in it. But the combination of running a business and having a disability leaves me in a precarious position. I'm constantly jumping from one thing to the next and never truly able to get one thing or another done or accomplished.

On another note, I'm seeing Wicked tonight. I think I'll wear the new granny boots I got from Pyramid Collection tonight to dinner and the play. I should break them in now in case I want to wear them with my steampunk costume on Saturday night.


Tell me how it is so I can decide if I want to go. Have fun!

P.S. You should never have to break in shoes! If they are good shoes they don't require a break in period. That is the first sign of a bad shoe!
Easy for you to say, you have some one that loves to buy you $300 boots! Some of us have to settle for the $50 imitations of your $300 boots.
You mean $400 boots! The last pair of boots I bought were only $140. :p