Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Time vs. $$$

I should mention as an addendum to my previous post about buying a new phone that while having quicksilver1 here does save me about $500 per month, I will NOT actually have $500 per month more. I will simply work $500 per month less but still have the same amount of money.

When we chose this place I knew it was expensive but we both loved it. So we took it even though he was about to be shipped off to war and I just took on a heck of a lot more private lessons to make up the financial difference his absence left me with. Now that he is back, I'm not going to keep working myself to the bone for that extra $500 per month. Instead, I'm actually going to do what I have been doing since he got back. I'm going to spend more time with friends. I'm going to cancel, reschedule or not reschedule private lessons on weekends so I can go to fun events and hang out with people that make me happy. I'm going to have a life, not $500 more. And owning a business has definitely taught me the value of having a life vs. having more money.

I just really hope and pray that he is here to stay and they are not going to ship him off for a 4th tour of duty. I would have to go back to working much harder, and that would be on top of starting to train new instructors in January AND trying to shop for a second location to open in April of next year. I don't think I could do all of that at the same time without giving up my life and being a complete recluse. So I need him here.

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