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to phone or not to phone

quicksivler1 told me yesterday he believes that there is a 92% chance he will not be shipped out for a 4th tour of duty and that he is here to stay. I'm trying not to let myself hope but those are some awesome odds!

Him being here and sharing the household expenses this month has saved me $500 this month. If he is here to stay and I'm going to continue to save money, I may treat myself to one of those fancy schmancy phones. Because I use a landline as my main phone and only use my cell phone for occasional texting, I'm using a 5 year old brick of a phone that has no features. I don't even think it has caller ID because it only shows numbers of people who call and not their names. It has no keyboard, no camera, no internet and probably can't even play all those cool downloaded ringtones that everyone else has.

Of course I'm questioning the sanity of getting a fancy cell phone when I don't actually use a cell phone. I would probably pay $100 a month for a plan with internet and one of those map directions thingies and then maybe actually use those features on the phone once per month. Maybe that $100 per month might be better spent saving toward a nice vacation. Maybe I just talked myself out of a fancy schmancy cell phone.


Christelle told me that her Tom Tom was only $150 and there is no monthly subscription cost for navigation. No internet though.
If you have it, you will use it. Especially if you get something like an iPhone or one of the other equivalents -- you can monitor you work calendar, keep up with email, and converse with customers AWAY FROM HOME. Meaning you can go shopping, go to dinner, go to a movie, whatever, and still be able to check in and keep up with work. It only takes a second to check email if you're waiting for someone to reply to something, but you REALLY need to run errands.
This.. I think an iPhone could be a really useful tool for you. I wonder if it could even be used as a business expense. (for tax purposes)
If she uses it to maintain business, then it's a business expense. Just like health insurance or a company car :)
The situation is though that since my office is in my home, I am always home. If I'm lucky enough to get away for some shopping, to dinner, movie, etc. I sure as heck don't want the business to go with me because I'm so grateful for the break.

On those extremely rare occasions when I do want to get a call while on the go, I will give that person my cell phone number. But for the most part I only give out my home/office number since I'm here most of the time.
The point though is you don't have to feel so tied to the house. I run a home business too, and I sure appreciate being able to check GMail or eBay if I know I have customers with questions that I've answered, to see if they have anything further to ask. Or if I see I've made a certain number of sales, I can stop while I'm out doing errands and pick up more supplies as needed, instead of getting to the store or back home and realizing I'm out of something.

Your business is different, but I know you're always sitting answering emails and phone calls and waiting to hear back from someone. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to have your phone with you while you're out for a cup of coffee (or in your chase chai), to be able to spend 10 seconds checking the beep and a few more replying?
Honestly, no. I'm at my home office so much that I've never lost a sale as a result of being away from the phone or e-mail. And if I absolutely need to hear back from some one while I'm out, I'll give them my cell number.
Okay, before I had my fancy schmancy phone I thought my basic little flip was fine. However, I did had a Palm Pilot that I kept all of my appointments, phone numbers, etc on. I was completely anal about backing the thing up so I never lost any of that. Probably 3 years ago I started getting drawn into looking at the Palm cell phones. It was the best of both worlds, my life in my hand (as I caled my Palm) and a cell phone. No more carrying two items! Well, then I was bitten by the dark side when I saw the Blackberry Curve. It's the same size as my old Palm but has internet, texting, email, IM, games, calendar, address book, notes, to-do list and a million other things. I was hooked. The initial purchase wasn't so bad. I think I paid around $100 (you can get the curve for $50 if not cheaper now) We have the Sprint Simply Everything Plan which is about $100 per month for the primary phone and the family member's is a bit less (DH and I both have crackberries) I love my phone. I can't imagine not having it. Everything is on it, I can stay in touch with everyone. I don't have to call people if I don't want to I can just text them, send them an email or post a note to them on Facebook (there's an LJ mobile app too) Sprint also has Navigation with their Simply Everything Plan that works awesome. It's as good as the Tom-Tom and other GPS programs. We used it all over Florida and even in remote areas of Western Massachusetts. I love it. I should also mention, we hardly ever use our house phone. It's there for emergencies (gee, sounds like my first cell phone) and that's about it. Everyone uses our cell phones and honestly, I couldn't even tell you our new home phone number. I have to look it up. I think having a smart phone that enables you to keep up with your business, your email and your contacts is a great idea. Plus, in your situation, it's a business expense ;)
Holy long response, Batman. Just a thought on something you said above. You can have multiple email addresses on a blackberry, so, you can set it up so that you know which is which (work and personal) and if you don't want to check your work email you just don't check it while you're out, but, you can still have your personal email if you want it. It's great like the others said if you're waiting on a call or an email and you have to go take care of something else. I'm contstantly multitasking, so, I live and die by my Berry.
I don't need multiple e-mails but I do need multiple phone numbers. If there was a way to get both my home and my cell number to ring on the new cell phone (and have the phone tell me which one of these numbers the person calling me is actually calling) then it might be in my interest to get one. Because my cell is technically my personal phone and my home phone is my business line. I would like them both to ring to a new mobile phone and decide whether or not to answer the call based on whether or not it is a business or personal call.
Third and last comment - that bites that quicksilver1 might get shipped out again. Is he career? how much longer is his committment? I hope that he gets a different assigment, one that keeps him closer to home. If they do decide to ship him out again I wish him as a safe and swift return home. Hugs.
He has a career, something to do with computers actually. He's in the reserve and keeps being sent back out. I can't remember when he is supposed to be finished, next year I think.