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socks and cat

Tough decision

There is a theta healing course that is offered only a few times per year that I have been dying to take but I can't because the last day always falls on a Monday evening and I'm always scheduled to teach on Monday evenings. FINALLY it's being offered when the Monday evening portion falls on a Monday that is on a rare week off between classes. Problem is, it's all weekend long the same weekend as SteamCon. :(

So it would be Friday evening, all day Saturday, all day Sunday and then Monday evening. I have been looking forward to SteamCon all year. I have spent a ton of money and time on the best steampunk belly dance costume EVER!!! But if this course is a good fit for me (and I don't know if it will be or not), it could change the direction and the way in which I move forward and bring positive things into my life.

There won't be another course until next year, and those will most likely fall on days that I can't attend.

What to do. What to do.


You know, you are the only person on my FL who talks about steam con. Is anyone else going? When is it? I think my guitar player's other band is performing at Steamcon.
You may not be aware of this rule in my LJ so I'm going to post it here again. If you want to contradict my spiritual beliefs you must do so outside of LJ. You can do it in person. You can do it in an e-mail. But I post here to share and get things out and I wouldn't feel safe doing so if I had to worry about people posting in a way that disrespects my person beliefs and practices.

People ARE allow to believe differently than myself and to argue their beliefs with me. Just please do so in person or by e-mail. I can't promise I'll engage in the argument. But I would like to make that decision privately or between myself and the person that wants to argue and not in front of all my friends on LJ.