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socks and cat

Because sometimes happiness has to come before money

I am going to cancel/reschedule 2 private lessons this Sunday so I can attend the clothing swap I got an invite to on FaceBook. I spent my Summer being a slave to my own business and I missed so many fun events and so many wonderful social opportunities. Now that the Fall is here and our busy season is winding down, I'm ready to reclaim my life and be social again.

blutears12 and sweetestkiss you should join me for the clothing swap on Sunday!


I might if I can find a couple things to bring. Send me the details.
doh!! I brought 2 bags full of clothes I want to swap. the one in SF I organized got canceled...I have so many clothes to get rid of! but I can't make that swap...wanna do something Thursday??
Wednesday Krisha is free in the afternoon, wanna meet with us to go through my bags??
Yes! What time?