Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

my day

Could today be any busier!? UPS was kind enough to leave me a voicemail yesterday telling me I would be getting a package. Since when did they start doing that? So now I know not to leave the house today so I can be here to sign for it. I have plenty of work to keep me busy while I wait...

  • breakfast
  • e-mail Amy & Sydney about copier
  • e-mail all instructors about practice date
  • Check Emily's schedule to take over Sunday private lesson
  • Find Paris' information to reschedule her private workshop
  • transfer $$ between accounts to pay quarterly taxes
  • Write check for quarterly taxes
  • Check lesson plan for tonight
  • Call C about dinner
  • send photo to Customized Girl
  • Mail signed paperwork to attorney
  • Find info on company that sold me non-working copy machine
  • Pet and cuddle Vader
  • Write check for cable bill
  • Respond to Stephanie's e-mail
  • send rene a confirmation for her party on the 26th
  • invoice pole party scheduled on Dec. 26th
  • read e-mails from MindBody

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