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PftS - kitty

Who needs a man when you've got a pole

I ordered this today:

It says: "Who needs a man when you have an 8 foot pole that's 2 inches thick?"

Poles really do render men useless, I think that's part of why I love pole dancing.


HA! There will always be jars that women need help opening! We are not obsolete yet!
True dat.
Now they have special instruments to help open jars for us!
That does it. Men are obsolete!
LOL! I was actually having a discussion with a male friend recently. He was saying that men are obsolete because now we can have babies without them. The interesting thing is, we may be able to conceive without them, have sperm created in a lab without them, but so far, we need to smell/ be around men to ovulate. :)
Then how do lesbians who don't hang out with men manage to ovulate?
Because they are not removed from men. Men's scent is everywhere. And I'm sure they go to the grocery store and work with men. Unless you are completely removed from men and their scent you will continue to ovulate.
Then the next bit is to bottle and sell the scent, and we'll be one more step toward true obsolescence.